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It was the weekend. The links had been sent and the webcam had been set up. Roxanne had made sure to wake up early enough in the morning to make herself look presentable, by not staying in her pyjamas all day and actually brushing her hair. This was it she was finally going to see these two face to face. But what if they didn't like her? Pfft of course they would like her she was awesome!


Roxanne held her breathe as she turned on her webcam and turned on the video chat. The camera shot of herself came up first, she had a round pointy face, short brown hair and light green eyes that stared directly out of the screen. Not long after two more camera feeds showed up both showing simular aged girls. One of them had long brown hair, mostly covered with a blue and white beanie that was on top of her head and brown eyes. The other girl was dark skinned with black hair held up in pig tails. Her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled at the screen, obviously excited.

"Oh my gosh! It's you guys! Hi!" she waved excitedly at the screen, quickly blushing when she realised when she realised that she might be embarrassing. She held her hands together and smiled shyly. "Um, h-how are you?"

"Er alright?" the other girl said not exactly sure what to say. The excited greeting had set her off guard. "I'm guessing that your Maya right?"

Maya giggled shyly. "Yes. Are you Alex?"

Alex nodded. "That's right. Nice to meet you Maya."

"Then that just leaves ME!" Roxanne boomed interrupting the two of them, a huge grim plastered on her face. "That's right! It's me! Roxanne! A pleasure to meet me I know."

The two girls stared at the screen not sure of what to think, both giving confused looks. Alex frowned a little. "Riiight. I should have figured you would be as egotistic as you were in the chat room."

Roxanne's eyes widened at the remark and the smug look dropped from her face. She glared at Alex's picture on the screen. "Why you-"

"Hey! No arguing!" Maya ordered the two of them. "We get this enough in the chat rooms can't we just be nice to each other now? Please?"

Maya watched as Roxanne and Alex sighed in agreement but continued to glare at each other through the screens. Maya tried to think of something to distract them. "Oh? How about we ask each other questions? You know to get each other normally, not just as screen names?"

"Good idea Maya," Alex agreed, smiling at the girl's video image. "Um…."

The three girls sat in front of their computers awkwardly. This was not the same as the chat room, and they weren't talking about their favourite characters from their favourite television show. It was like sitting in a room full of strangers only they were far away. Roxanne knew it had never been this awkward during their chats.

Maybe she had come on to strong? Yeah she was great but maybe she had introduced them to early on to her greatness? They probably had the wrong impression now, and they probably hated her. Now they would never have a chance to know Roxanne's true awesomeness, or the chance to be her friends. Even worse Roxanne would be stuck with no friends and that was bad, really bad. She had to think of something to ask quick!

"WHAT'SYOURFAVOURITECOLOUR?!" Roxanne blurted out, cheeks slightly red as she realised how embarrassing that was. She gave a smile to reassure the others but it showed that she was obviously nervous.

The other two gave her odd looks. "Um, blue," Alex said slowly, taken unaware in Roxanne's sudden change in attitude. Must be nerves, she thought. I guess I'm not the only one who's worried.

Maya's 'odd look' didn't last long as she smiled towards the screen. "I like purple. You?"

"Pink!" Roxanne answered, a little too quickly. She recalled what she said and quickly tried to turn it around. "Uh, not pink, er, I meant… Green! I LOVE green! Pink is SO dumb! It's for sissies! Green is an awesome colour! Green is TOTALLY better than pink! Hahaha!"


That was a strange outburst, thought Alex, again giving Roxanne a weird look. What's her issue with pink? "I guess green is a good colour. So, next question. Any hobbies? I personally like reading."

"Uh, hanging out I guess," Roxanne said, not really thinking it was a good idea to share her personal hobbies with the others just yet, if at all. "Watching TV, playing video games. You know, normal stuff."

Maya smiled shyly. "Well not really, I don't really do much other than school," she answered. "Oh! I do spend a lot of time with my brother."

"The brother that doesn't like you talking to strangers on the internet?" Roxanne asked teasingly. "Sounds like a drag."

"He's really not though," Maya tried to explain. "He cares for me a lot and he's even teaching me how to shoot a gun."

"A gun?" Alex asked, surprised. "He's really teaching you how to use a gun?"

"Pics or it didn't happen," Roxanne commented. "Seriously, how does someone like you get her hands on a gun?"

Maya frowned a little. "Hey! He is! I don't have any pictures of me using a gun, but…" she drew off her sentence, getting side tracked, thinking of a way to prove herself. "I have a picture of us! I'll go get it!"

The girl with pig-tails disappeared from the screen, probably into the house to find a picture. Roxanne stared at Alex in awkward silence, Alex staring back. "Sooo… Nice weather we're having," Roxanne commented.

"It's raining," Alex stated flatly.


"I'm back!" Maya called out as she appeared on the screen again, holding a rectangular picture frame in her hands. She held it in front of her webcam so it could be seen. In the picture there was a slightly younger version of Maya, smiling happily with childlike innocence. Standing beside her was a young man in a police uniform. He had quite an impressive build, skinny but obviously muscular.

"This is Hunter!" Maya announced, pointing to the man in the photo. "He's a police officer. That's how he has access to guns. He's teaching me how to use them in self-defence."

"Dayum," Roxanne mumbled as she stared at the screen. "And here I thought he was some defensive guy with a stick up his butt. But wow Maya. Your brother is HOT!"

Maya's face went red as she blushed. "WHAT?!" she yelled in disbelief. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, is he single?" Roxanne asked, swooning after her new found crush. It was love at first sight. She knew that meeting 'shooterfox' in real life was a good idea. "And what does he look like without a shirt on?"

Maya frowned again, angrier this time. "That's my brother you're talking about! And he's taken!"

"Really? Awwwwwwwwww, shame," Roxanne sighed sadly.

"Wow Maya. You really seem defensive about your family," Alex commented, slightly annoyed at Roxanne's behaviour but thrilled at how Maya stood up for her brother.

"Of course I am. He's my brother and I love. He's the only family I've got," Maya smiled, thinking about him. "Do you guys have any family?"

"Just the parents, only child," Alex quickly stated, not wanting to get too deep into personal matters. "Not important. You Roxanne, or are you still drooling over boys?"

Roxanne quickly wiped her mouth. "I wasn't drooling! Who said I was drooling! Not me! That's for sure!" she yelled defensively, looking quickly back and forth between both images. "Uh, what we're talking about?"

Alex sighed. "Family? Do you have it?"

"Oh," Roxanne went a little silent. "I have a dad, he's pretty awesome."

"What does he do?" Maya asked, intrigued, forgetting about the incident with her brother.

Roxanne smirked. "Oh he's just a famous inventor that owns his own company that supplies weapons to the government," she said matter-of-factly. Not at all trying to show off, no. "You Alex?"

Alex noticed the challenge and smirked herself. "My dad is a famous inventor AND world known researcher that supplies his inventions to the government."

Roxanne stared at Alex, smirk gone. "What?"

Maya laughed. "Wow! What a coincidence!"

"Yeah, coincidence," Roxanne glared suspiciously towards Alex, somewhat challenged. Oh it is on beaniekid, it is on.

"You know, I think I heard about this famous guy with a company," Maya wondered out loud. "Where do you live Roxanne?"

Roxanne smiled, her hidden rivalry with the beanie headed girl disappearing. "Well I'm glad you asked," she grinned. "I am a proud resident of Rodin City, the technological capital of the world!"

"Rodin City!" Alex repeated somewhat dumbfounded.

"Yep!" Roxanne grinned proudly. Take that! she thought, smirking. "It's famous for bringing the world into the future. Kind of a big deal."

"Hmm, funny," Alex thought out loud. "I thought Rodin City was famous for its extremely high super villain rate?"

Roxanne huffed. "Yes, that too. But only because they know how AWESOME Rodin City is. They come here cause we're awesome!"

"Hmm, that city sounds familiar," Maya said, trying to figure out which company Roxanne meant. "But there are a lot of companies."

"Are you sure she's telling the truth Maya?" Alex asked, a humorous hint to her voice. "I mean who would be proud to live in Rodin City."

"Hey!" Roxanne yelled. "I am SO telling the truth!"

"Oh come on! Throughout this whole call you've been doing nothing but trying to impress us!" Alex yelled, calling Roxanne out. "Drooling over peoples brothers and doing a terrible job at lying!"

"What! No! I'm an awesome lier!"

Alex sighed. "That proves my point."


"Yes, it does," Alex sighed again. "You don't need to impress us to be your friends. I mean we were willing to meet with you because you wanted us too."

"She's right," Maya added, smiling softly. "You don't have to brag, we liked you already."
Roxanne gave a shy smile. "Cause I'm awesome, right."

"No," Alex said sternly. "Because you are our friend. And you don't need to lie to say."

Roxanne just stared at the screen, taking in what they had both said. It had almost come out of nowhere, but she did sense truth. During the chat rooms and logs they has always been getting along, just because they had met under different circumstances now, it didn't mean it had to be awkward. And Alex had called her a friend, which was all she ever wanted. "You really mean that?"

"Oh course I do you dumby," Alex laughed, smiling. "Now stop trying to impress us like some egotistic manic and get real!"

"Yeah! Be the silly, natural Roxanne! Not a jerk," Maya added. "Seriously, your desperation was so obvious even I could see it."

Roxanne's eyes shone with praise. Never had two people been so nice to her. They didn't care who she was, they liked her anyway. And that was the best type of friend of all.

"Wow guys, thank you!" she said in glee, smiling happily but trying her hardest not to get all sentimental. "Though I should mention that yes I do live in Rodin City and that my father owns a company and that I'm super rich. No lie."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Yeah right."

"No I'm serious! I'll prove it to you! Give me your addresses and I'll visit you! Seriously I will." Roxanne reached over her desk to grab a pen and a sheet of paper. She leaned over the paper, pen in hand, ready to write. "Well go on, tell me."

Alex raised an eyebrow. "You serious?"

"You bet you're beanie I am!"

Maya giggled. "I'll play along Rox!"

Roxanne looked up from the paper. "Hey I like that. Rox, as in Roxanne Rocks! I Rock! Heh."
"Hey what did I just tell you about your ego?" Alex warned in joking tone.

'Rox' stuck out her tongue to the monitor. "You also told me to be silly. I do what I want. You know why?"

Alex groaned. "No."

"Cause I am. A rebel. Without. A. Cause."

Maya and Roxanne giggled loudly throughout the rest of the call, Alex eventually joining in. The two other girls eventually gave out their addresses and the call ended. Roxanne prepared herself to go find them.

Good thing her father left the private jet at home.
And Chapter One! Yay! Finally finished! Sorry if it seems rushed, I just wanted to get it out of the way so I could get the story going! This is just them talking, no action, so yeah ^^;

Also a thing about Roxanne, she is kind of a jerk. And egotistic, so don't mind her attitude, heh...

Anyway I hop you like it! Shadow! Micky! Now one of you must write a chapter. Though you should know that Roxanne is coming to your character's houses. So watch out!

Prologue: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]

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kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
This is awesome XD
I just love Roxanne...exspecially her swooning over Hunter for the first time XD But I am with her as is Dancer,we all wanna see a shirtless Hunter more often~:music:Even if Maya will probably kill us for asking BD;;;
And the whole 'Rebel without a cause' XD I can just tell she is using it to annoy Alex to no end:giggle:
Gotta love these three,thier so much fun X3 Very awesome job 83
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
LOL OMG THIS WAS AWESOME TOO! :iconexcitedplz:

AND SHE IS THE PEACE-MAKER! :lmao: not to say that I don't enjoy this rivalry going on :XD:

lol and daw, Maya's so cute XD ...well, cuter than ususal ;P She sounds so perfect, being shy at first and totally defending her brother like that XD And yes, he's taken by Tanith so no chance for Miss Rox ;P

I like how little miss Maya shocks them with a gun XD Imagine what they'll do when they see her practise with one ;D Or...something similar XDD

But daw I love how sweet it got near the end; THEY SO ACCEPTING OF EACH OTHER! XD I hope it continues when certain things get revealed eh? ;P

ALSO MICKY SHOULD WRITE NEXT! XD Since Alex and Rox now have this "friendly rivalry" going on, I can see Rox going to her first to prove Alex wrong since Alex was being totally skeptical -nods- Then maybe together they'd come visit Maya or soemthing? lol it would prove totally interesting right? ;P



automatic-disaster Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Student General Artist
YEESSSSS!! THANKS!!!! :tighthug:

WHOO!! Peacekeeper Maya FTW!! :w00t:

Heh, that isn't gonna stop Rox from trying :evillaugh:

I don't know! I just WANTED EVERYTHING TO BE SWEET!! And yes, especially in Rox's case.

That sounds like a great idea! HEY MICKY YOUR WRITING NEXT!! OKAY!!!

And that's okay, long comments are fun to read :D
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
WELCOMESSSSSSS!!! :tighthug:

Poor thing; I feel she's gonna be doing a loooooot of that in the future :XD:



Awww good to hear! :aww:
PitchBlackRose Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Gah! I don't know who should write next! XD SHADES, WHEN YOU GET ON, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. O:


I totally dig the rivalry thing. ;P

"Sooo… Nice weather we're having."
"It's raining."
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012

Quote: ALSO MICKY SHOULD WRITE NEXT! XD Since Alex and Rox now have this "friendly rivalry" going on, I can see Rox going to her first to prove Alex wrong since Alex was being totally skeptical -nods- Then maybe together they'd come visit Maya or soemthing? lol it would prove totally interesting right? ;p END QUOTE

PitchBlackRose Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Okie doke Miss Shadow~ ;P
automatic-disaster Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes! Friendship! :D

Really, awesome. I just thought that they had so much in common that Rox would try to act better or something XD
PitchBlackRose Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Doesn't she anyways? ;P XD
automatic-disaster Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Well yeah, but more so XD
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